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2nd Annual Memorial


March 27, 2021

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The Story

My Daddy, John Morton, passed away unexpectedly October 1st, 2019. He had a soft spot for those in need. The Tillman County Food Bank was an important service he felt passionate about.

In honor of my Dad and to celebrate what would have been his 76th birthday on March 27th, we want to honor his passion with a Grub Run to help fill the shelves so the food bank can continue servicing the hungry in southwest Oklahoma.

He was an avid motorcycle rider who was often heard and seen riding his Indian Chieftain with the #CWCrew.

Social distancing prevented us from having this as a birthday celebration in March. June is the month we celebrate our Father's and all they do for us. Perfect timing for honoring my father with some fun in the sun!

Remember ALL Vehicles Welcome!!

Tillman County Food Bank Facts

  • 1 in 4 children faces hunger daily in Oklahoma

  • The Food Bank received NO federal, state or local funding. It is 100% donation funded.

  • Tillman County is 4th hungriest in the state

  • Last year the Food Bank served over 2,000 families.

  • 50+ volunteers selflessly serve the Food Bank clients every week

  • The foundation is a 501c3 funded 100% from individuals, churches, funeral memorials, event rentals and fundraisers

  • No one at the Food Bank is on salary. It is all volunteer service.

$1 will provide 4 meals

Event Information



$20 per Driver

$5 per Rider

Registration Includes

Wristband for cookout

10 raffle tickets per Driver

5 raffle tickets per Rider

Cook Out Only



8:00 AM



9:15 AM


(Presentation of Colors, Blessing,

National Anthem)


9:30 AM

 First Bike Out

9:45 AM

Last Bike Out

4:00 PM

Cook Out, Birthday Cake & Door Prizes

(must be present to win)

Ride Route


Tillman County Food Bank

Frederick, OK

1st Stop

Elmer General Store

Elmer, OK

2nd Stop

Hop N Sack

Snyder, OK

3rd Stop

Small Mountain Street Taco

Medicine Park, OK

4th Stop

Park at 3rd and Jefferson

Chattanooga, OK


Tillman County Food Bank

Frederick, OK

door prize tickets

  • Driver receives 10 at registration

  • Rider receives 5 at registration

Earn More Tickets

  • Five for registering online

  • Every extra dollar donated

  • Every $5 dollars spent at sponsor sites during the ride

(receipts must be presented)


Our Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors who have generously donated a variety of products, services and support to this event.


Jim Jon, Johnny D, Carter Oaks, Jim McNeir, John Hudson, Joe Garza, Billy Garza & Johnny Garza (Left to Right). Not pictured: Johnny Rodriguez